Stephanie Rosenblum 

Founder / Creative Director - ERYT 500hour

World traveler with a bit of a yoga infatuation

Stephanie encountered the power of yoga while exploring countries solo with an empty wallet. Having no exposure to yoga, she discovered an apprenticeship at an international Yoga Ashram. Intimidated at first, but with an open mind, her practice of Yoga began. 

Free flowing movement and self exploration led her to several trainings and teacher certifications with an active focus on core strength vinyasa and release techniques. She has ongoing apprenticeships at The Yoga Circle with director and yoga therapeutics master Gabriel Halpern, named by Yoga Journal in the top “10 Most Influential Yoga Teachers in America”; and health psychologist, Cheryl Hurst, who offers integrative yoga therapy for those with Neurological conditions

Before launching Yeah Yoga, she was the managing partner of a yoga studio and mentored students in several 200hr teacher trainings. She created customized yoga programs that were implemented in schools for students with special needs, a center for adults with disabilities, and enhanced performance for sports teams. 

Teaching Style

Stephanie teaches connection, exploration of body awareness and a willingness to move differently. Her yoga style is an unexpected blend of strong and playful. Her energizing flows embody curiosity, complexity, and lighthearted vibes into creative sequences that lovingly push and expand just beyond what you may think is possible. She creates funky playlists that match the beat of the breath with pauses for alignment and reflection, and offers energetic assists, muscle melting adjustments, and supported prop play. Her methods will grant you the physical and mental freedom to challenge self-imposed boundaries, drop previous assumptions, and melt in acceptance.  

Check out her teaching methods at  Studio Three ( S3 - River North) 

Gina Marciano 

Program Director - ERYT 500hour

Gina's yoga mat is her playground

With a background in dance, Gina has always been passionate about expression through movement but the practice of yoga has allowed her to discover an inner world that can be explored infinitely.

Gina is grateful for the knowledge and guidance that she has received from her multiple trainings and teacher certifications. Before joining in the fun with Yeah Yoga, Gina was the creator and director of successful teacher training programs in Arizona and Chicago. 

Teaching Style

Combining her knowledge of alignment with her passion for freedom, she incorporates fluid and dynamic sequences in her classes that encourage practitioners to establish internal balance and harmony.  Students will experience liberation for the body, mind, and soul and leave the mat radiating from the inside out. 

Flow with Gina - check out her class schedule