I found myself stagnant in my yoga practice. The beginner classes weren’t challenging enough, but I wasn’t confident to push myself to the next level. I felt an immediate shift in my practice after my first session with Yeah. Stephanie is an incredible teacher whose passion for yoga is truly contagious. The knowledge she offers behind the how & why of poses gave me insight I had been missing in classes. A more hands-on approach helps to not only see how to adjust/align poses, but FEEL it. Each session worked towards my goals, & after every session I was surprised with what I achieved. Without a question, this helped me grow my practice. I am hooked & excited to see what more I am capable of.
— Meredith Meravy / yoga enthusiast

Flow with Friends

•   Explore yoga and discover a deeper connection with your partner in crime or family member. 
•   Loosen up and celebrate all kinds of special occasions: birthdays, bachelorette parties, wedding day, baby showers 
•   Relieve workplace stress and boost employee morale: office parties, fundraising events, corporate functions